I'm trying to find production numbers for the 2014 Impreza, more specifically the WRX. What I was interested in is total # of Impreza's, and total number of WRX's. I came across cars101.com which has a massive amount of info on the specs and the sales numbers. On a forum I found that 20% of WRX's are hatches. these are the numbers I have so far :

2013 total sales: 424,683

Impreza 58,856 (112597 if u include crosstrek)

WRX (&STI) 17969

January 2014 WRX sales went up from 1306 to 1553 (1 of which was me)

thats a 19% increase (if I can do math right) which would put the 2014 to around 21315

When I was shopping for a WRX i kept on hearing they are sooo rare. 20,000 doesnt seem like a rare model, maybe when compared to a camry.

So in the end I drive 1/~4,000 hatchback WRX. not really an impressive number.