Lets hope so. For the upcoming autocross season (just a week away!!!) my dad and I have decided that we weren’t going to be satisfied with walking H Street this year as we did in G Street last year but I still wanted a chance to compete for an overall PAX victory so we decided to blow invest well over $1000, or about 20% of our cars value in some go faster bits in an attempt to compete in STX with what is ultimately a 4 banger BMW hatchback.

First off we acquired the LSD off of another 318ti in order to help my nasty habit of taking corners at rather high rates of speed, unloading one side of the car and turning fairly expensive, grippy tires into smoke.

My dad decided to take the liberty of testing it out to make sure it worked properly....


As can be seen on our driveway, albeit fairly lightly, the LSD does in fact work! (Ignore the E46 that is NOT capable of this)

Next we went ahead and got an X Brace to tighten up things up front so we’re not dealing with that nasty nasty understeer.


And finally we succumbed to the inevitability of adjustable Koni sport shocks and some H&R racing springs to make our little hatchback as tossable as possible.

The end result is something like this.....


God I hope it works.