My wife has been driving the S3 a lot lately. She said, “I drive like such a dick when I have your car, it’s weird.” I said, “well yea!? When you’ve got the juice you make the rules, haha.” She agreed saying that she does things she that never cross her mind in the Forester because a. it’s fast and b. it’s really easy to drive fast because it does all of the work for you. The S3 isn’t the fastest car on the road by any stretch, but the way the power is delivered just entices you to use it. 

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While you might say that it takes a little away from the driving experience (and it does) it is oh so fun to whip that Audi around because it’s like a video game. It’s so easy.

Anyway, what say Oppo?

I’ll give you my inter monologue for each vehicle. Then you give me yours.

Ranger - Here I am enjoying my slow bouncy little pickup truck. I’m courteous, I spot my merges and lane changes well in advance. I’m proud of the work I’ve put into this truck, and am constantly thinking about the next thing I will do to it when I’m driving.


M3 - “Oh yea! Merging onto the highway, time to get it! Hear that raspy 6 scream! Ok, now I’ve merged let’s keep as far as we can from other drivers because this ma baby. I’m every bit as polite in as I am in the truck. Ok fuck face I see your beater mustang get away from me. Nope I’m not going to drag you here. Alright, getting off the highway now... fuckingdickfartmotherfucker cool cut me off. Ya know what I don’t care I’m just going to take it easy until I get on some back roads and do some spirited driving, not too spirited though...have to be careful!”

Forester - “Here I am in my regular car being extra careful because I likely have my pregnant wife and dogs in the car. At least there are 3 pedals.”


Grom - “Ladies and gentlemen start your engines for the Isle of Tripper Grom TT! Let’s find the tightest, least traveled back roads and go flat out! Catching air over that little bridge, leaning over so far I occasionally catch a footpeg. Full tuck on the straightaways to get from 60 to 65. Whoooooooooooooooooooooo!”

S3 - “Fuck out of the way, clowns! Oh, you’re going to suddenly decide to speed up while you’re riding the passing lane because you see me coming? Nope I’m getting that pass because I’m way faster than you. How am I getting such good gas mileage?”


Happy Friday!

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