Does your car have a name?

I like to name my cars. My other half doesn’t like the names my cars have had.

My 1997 Infiniti J30 was called the Skinfiniti. I was single when I first got it, and I dated a few girls during the time I had it. Hence the name.


My 1999 Taurus wagon had two names. A coworker dubbed it the Tampon mobile, because it was big, white, and rounded. My dad called it the Gigolo Wagon.

My Mazda Millenia didn’t ever really get a name.

The Cavalier was the Crapalier, the Explorer was called the Exploder, and my Cutlass didn’t get a name. The blue Durango, I liked to call Django.


My Infiniti I30, I wanted to call Buzz, or Lightyear, but no.

Our burgundy Durango, I wanted to name Ron. For Ron Burgundy, I mean, it’s the color of the vehicle, plus he advertised them. Other half hates Will Ferrell so that one got shot down, but in my head, that’s still its name.


What about yours?

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