Does Your Car Have A Quirky Trait That Drives You Up The Wall?

An old friend of mine is a Toyota Master Technician and when we first met about ten years ago, he was making the transition to a run of the mill Toyota dealership after spending a few years in the service center of a very nice Lexus dealership. Something didn't seem right about that because in my eyes, working on an IS300 would be much more fun than putting new CV joints in a Corolla. Of course, I asked him why he was making the switch and he said something along the lines of this:

"Luxury car owners are insane when it comes to warranty work. The last case of a squeaky leather seat put the nail in the coffin and I couldn't take it anymore, so I started looking for a job with Toyota instead."


Notice, he said the last case of a squeaky seat, as in there were prior incidents of the same thing happening. He explained that people would buy a new Lexus, take it home, and whenever they would get in or out of the car, the seat would make a creaking noise when the leather on the bolster rubbed the leather on the seat bottom. The first fix involved them rubbing on some leather conditioner to soften it up and make the seat break in a little more quickly, but after a few days, the same car would return with a work order about the seat squeaking again. This happened about ten times over a span of a few months and he said their eventual "solution" to the non-existent problem was this:

"We would stretch a car cover over the driver's seat, tie it tight in the back, and make the oil change guy bounce up and down on it between customers for a few hours to break in the leather."

Apparently, he has all sorts of fun stories, like the sunroof making too much noise when it was open, or constant wind noise from a back window when the problem was the window not being rolled up all the way.

Though the cases my friend had to deal with were pretty over the top as far as car-related annoyances are concerned, I have had my fair share of "quirk" when it comes to the fourteen vehicles I have owned.


-Both my 1979 Jeep CJ7 and 1995 Wrangler had soft tops that would make you deaf when driving at highway speed. It was actually more quiet if you left the top down and removed both of the doors.

-My 1994 Camaro Z28 and 1995 Firebird Formula both had the glorious T-56 six speed transmission, but they both also had the "skip shift" which would force you to shift from first gear to fourth if you weren't under a load. That de-tuned engine didn't have the bottom end to pull a 1-4 shift... (I know you can buy an eliminator.)


-The 1979 MGB in the title picture caught on fire. Often. For different reasons.

However, the reason I thought to write this in the first place is because my Comet has developed a ticking noise when you are driving above 40mph. I know it's the speedometer cable and I have tried to reroute, lubricate, and otherwise rectify the issue to no avail (yet). The best part is that because of where I live, the car spends quite a bit of time in traffic, which means that when I do finally get up to speed (which should be a happy moment), it sounds like the mechanical stopwatch from hell has manifested itself in my dashboard.


Is there a particular feature or yet to be rectified issue on your car that is driving you nuts? Or, is there something about some else's car you ride in that makes you crazy?



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