As I said last night, I found the perfect theme for the 911, now I think I've the perfect theme for the 944.

Now, I've recently gone on a movie spree, watching as many Bond movies as possible(Roger Moore is best Bond!), and along with my watching Goldfinger last weekend, I watched The Spy who Loved Me, and something about the theme to that film and my 944 just kinda clicked.

Just tells a story in my mind. I was looking for the 944 actively, the was the seller wasn't really looking to sell it until he met me and I saw the car. No other car I've driven drives as good as this car or like it, not even close: Not the 911, FoST, Windstar, Explorer, Magnum, not one.


Also being the first car I bought with my own money, makes it a little more special than any other car I've currently had the pleasure of driving. And that warrants a special song. What do you think?

So if you didn't respond last night, what's your cars theme?