The key to whether DeathPilot is defective or not is whether or not automatic emergency braking (AEB) even works at speed. I recall someone educating me to the fact that it doesn’t work at speed, so this video seems to be pointing fingers at the wrong person.

Sort of. We can always circle back to Tesla and their asinine claims of how well the system works. But then when the media or public point this out they just point to another statement that says the driver should remain in control.

And when you consider the fact that other manufacturers don’t even advertise their Level 2(?) or 3 systems (thanks for that tip BatterytenderUnecessary), then we really should be going after Tesla with pitchforks. But not to save the idiotic owners from themselves, but to save the rest of us. When that idiot in Silicon Valley killed himself he caused a chain effect. Thank God no one else was killed, but I think at least one other car was totaled. These Teslas aren’t running into other Teslas, they’re running into the rest of us.

But until we can burn Twitter I doubt we will stop having this problem.

And I’m curious what it is about Teslas that’s seem to draw the world’s biggest idiots. It must be the promise of being able to drive while keeping their head up their ass. I can’t think of anything else.