Doesn't look like much...

... but in the past couple days’ evenings, some things have been done on the Chevelle.

So far to go, but hey, it looks good
So far to go, but hey, it looks good

This includes but is not limited to (I’ve surely forgotten things):

  • Everything torqued down from installing the engine/trans, including the exhaust which was a pain
  • Temperature switch for the idiot light installed
  • Plug wire guides installed (mostly)
  • Headers are bolted up to the engine
  • Trans oil topped off (some leaked out the back during installation)
  • Starter motor installed (had to loosen the header...) and wired
  • Speedometer cable routed and connected, still the wrong ratio
  • Oil filter installed, just barely clears some of the bolts for the scattershield
  • Driveshaft reinstalled, u-joints greased
  • Clutch is bled (!) and tested to the extent of when it’s in gear with the clutch in, my helper could turn the driveshaft by hand
  • Oil pressure switch (for the light) and sender (for the gauge) installed and wired
  • Part of the power steering bracket that shares bolts with the motor mount and header installed
  • Shifter is re-connected, boot installed correctly (what a pain), trim piece in place (now I can sit in it and make race car noises while banging through the gears)

Still a lot to do, but it’s good to be making progress again.

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