Hey all,

I’ve been haunting these pages since I had a toddler, she’s now on her way to college - time flies. I haven’t really done much other than talk about lunch and attempt to learn but nonetheless I’ve been around. I lost my pitbull of 14 years in September, I’m sure some have seen my pathetic posts. Two months ago I adopted a new puppy - I was told he would be less than 30lbs but nobody knew what he was. Looks like what I might have is a potentially large heeler mix... in a Southern California condo (he’s a rescue from Arkansas). I created a facebook page for him. Some of it is to keep his stuff off of other social media, but some of it is also to keep me in check with him. Not much to it yet but if you have dog pages and want to share, here’s my guy’s -

If I’m not allowed to do this, let me know, I’ll remove right away.