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Dog: The Oppo Review

Dogs are pretty cool if you have the time for them/ability to care for them. This one is backstock (adopted) 2012 Catahoula Leopard Dog (mostly), but has been modded with a Beagle tune. Idk if that voids the factory warranty.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: After 13 years, we had to put down our Chocolate Lab. I missed having a furry pal to call my own so I went out and adopted this one. The shelter gave her the name "Pat" but that was hardly a dog name so I decided to call her Daisy, being less than a year old, she took to it quickly)



Seriously. She's the d'awww-siest puppy I've ever seen. She's got white paws, subtle custom "ghost spots" coat, and the tip of her tail is white, like someone dipped it in paint. Also:


Houla ears go up!


Houla ears go down!

That's right- she has pop up ears!


I'm not a psycho, I'm not gonna open my dog.

ACCELERATION: 10/10 (for a dog)

Catahoulas are FUCKING FAST. She can dead sprint faster than me and NEVER runs out of energy. For lack of own video, have a Houla climbing a tree:

That's right. They run so fast they straight up tell gravity so suck, like, all of the balls.



Yup, she goes from flat out to full stop in like 2 feet.

Even on ice.

RIDE: 1/10

She's too small to fit a saddle too :(



If she were a car, she'd be an RS200. Light, stupid quick, can handle rough terrain without really slowing, still manages to get a bit of oppo on sharp turns. Also handles well in the snow, slightly prone to oversteer on ice.


CVT only.

AUDIO: 7/10

She has a fierce growl for a little girl, real deep and kind of wild sounding. Catahoulas have a very distinct bark, as they rarely bark, mostly howl/bay. Been known in the 'houla scene as "houla howl" Here's an example.



She has many squeaky ones. seems to enjoy them.


TOTAL SCORE: 200/100

Fuck logic I love her so I'll give her a better than perfect score.


Dedicated to MacDuff. 2000-2013. Miss ya buddy. Forever in my heart and thoughts.

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