Dogapult Motorcycle Ownership, Part 3: It runs!

Only have this one picture I took late in the evening, but it works!

Had to avenge the carb, and then clean it out (twice.)
Discovered the rear axle wasn’t held on with adjusters like it’s supposed to be, but washers, and nuts and twine. so that’s all taken apart at the moment. Found a little hole in one exhaust pipe, but it’s not bad.

It needs very little left to be driven, but a fair bit left to be complete.

To be ridden:
Put the rear brake back together
replace the rear axle bearings
put that all together

To be ride-able outside of up and down the street once:

install new front brake shoes
fix the starter motor wire
wire in the tail light
reseal all suspension
air filter


To be totally complete:
Lower chain guard
“Chain cover B”
(But I’m unlikely to find any of those for an inexpensive sum)

Tune in next time for me taking it up and down the street probably!

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