This is Satch. He’s about 10 years old. I got him as a shelter rescue when he was about 2. He’s always been a pain in my ass, but a decent dog for the most part who had gotten by these last eight years because I felt sorry for him in the shelter. He hates car rides, tries to attack other dogs when he’s out on walks, hates boat rides and more or less could give two shits if I live or die. We’ve never bonded, no matter how hard I’ve tried to make it happen.

Lately he’s been getting a bit testy with the baby, and tonight he full-blown snapped at her. No damage was done, but I feel like that’s the last straw. What am I to do? I still have a big heart and I’m not going to feel good about re-homing him, but I’m not going to have an 85 pound dog that wants to get aggressive with my 20 pound daughter.

What would Oppo do? Anyone in the PNW want an old mystery-breed labbish dog?