It’s been a month since we lost Lucy, and after some back and forth I opted to let things progress on my wife’s timeline. As much as she was my/our dog, she was more my wife’s as I didn’t come into the picture until she was 2. Well, apparently Mrs. Humpkins was ready enough to bring home a new puppers this weekend. I present to you, Ozzy. He’s an 8 week old Blue/White Boston Terrier. Estelle loves him and is being a good big sister, showing him the ropes. The cats don’t seem to care one way or another, and he doesn’t seem overly interested in them. His eyes are right now a light greenish/blueish/grey and they most likely will end up staying a lighter greenish/grey.

He was surprisingly good his first night home. Only went potty outside, ate some dinner, played with some toys, and most importantly, minimal crying when we put him in his crate for bedtime last night. Best of all, he slept through the night! I’m sure we’ll have some accidents and some nights where he just won’t sleep through the night, but all in all it was a successful first day/night.