Doggo has been ruined :(

This is Ralph, he is a good dogger. He likes laying around the shop while Iwork on the rally car. This leads to him getting very dirty!

So we brought him to groomer before heading on a 3 week “overland” trip through Appalachia. She called an hour later saying he had some matting in his legs and wasn’t cooperating with the brushing (he’s a drama queen about brushing.) She then asked if it was ok to shave that out, which I’m not thrilled about (new groomer too) but I said ok. I later picked the little fella up and she had SHAVED HIM ENTIRELY. I feel awful for the poor guy. And for those of you not familiar, this is VERY bad for huskies. Their long fur provides UV protection and they are actually more likely to have heat related issues without their fur. We’d planned on doing lots of hiking during the trip but now we may have to cut the distances down so he doesn’t get too hot or sunburned. On the plus side, boy does he look funny. I have equal parts sympathy and laughs when he comes running to play currently.


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