Doggo just killed a possum...

It was weird. I was working on the yard when a fully grown possum appeared on the top of the fence. Dog B sprung into action trying to get at it. We were having a good laugh as the fence is a 6' privacy fence and, as big as Dog B is, we figured he had about a 0% chance of catching it, so it was funny to watch.

Well... he got it. The force of a determined 75 lbs doggo pounding the fence caused the possum’s tail to hang over just far enough for Dog B to grab it.


Shockingly, Dog B knew exactly what to do. He grabbed the possum, gave the thing a series of exceptionally hard shakes and then trotted back to me.

We figured he’d killed it, but unfortunately upon further inspection it started moving, which caused Dog B to go in for round two. This time the possum was very clearly mortally wounded, but still alive.

Luckily the dog had escaped both encounters without getting bit, so I put him inside so we wouldn’t tempt fate.

Unfortunately this left me with a dying but not dead possum in the yard.

Several shots of whiskey later, I took a (literal) axe to it to finish what Dog B started. I would have preferred to shoot it, but discharging a firearm in city limits caries a hefty fine and the possibility of jail time. This was actually my first time killing an animal intentionally unless you count that time we asphyxiated a rat with the Alfa. It was... unpleasant.


So yeah... impressive to see a dog working instinctualy, but the aftermath this time was very unpleasant. Dog A has killed a rat before, but it was a clean kill that time. This was not...


He spent the remainder of the night on alert. Just in case......

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