Doggo still not old enough to drive, even on a sim.

Because it’s raining outside, Shelby is unhappy (drugs have kicked in, so is no longer terrified) and sticking to my side while I Oppo this morning. I’ve been telling them for years they’re not old enough to drive.


Today is a rare treat in Southern NM. It has rained almost continuously, and often heavily, since 6AM this morning. This doesn’t happen here, and as a bonus we’re forecast for a high in the 70's today and a downright pleasant 91 tomorrow. This is normally our hotter-than-balls time of the year when we should be in the 100's (with an occasional 108 degree day)and praying for monsoon season to come along in a few weeks and moderate things out of the triple digits. This fall, winter and spring have been the coolest and wettest I’ve ever seen in Southern NM.

Radar estimate shows somewhere around 2.5 inches of rain has fallen here this morning, which is around 1/3 of our average annual rainfall. I suppose I can tell the sprinklers not to come on tomorrow morning. They’ve issued a flood advisory, and I took the opportunity to run some errands and pickup a coffee and pastry from the best coffee shop around as an excuse to go splash around in the truck.


Doggo is content, so I’ll give her some time before I oust her and fire up some F12018.

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