Doggo* update: Good news, bad news

Been a while since I actually posted something about Doggo other than “doggo” or “doggo in pickup...o.” So let’s start with bad:

The last two Fridays, she has started tearing apart her bed. I feel it’s no coincidence that it’s because that’s the one day a week my wife and I have the same work schedule. So doggo gets left with food and no real energy outlet and waits hours for us to get home. Boredom or separation anxiety :( Luckily I strategically schedule my day to be home for lunch and run around in the yard with her for a few minutes, play catch, and whatnot.


Right now I’m trapped because she feel asleep on my lap and I don’t have the heart to leave (don’t worry, employer, should he be on here: I’m still under 30 minutes as I type this!).

The good news. An ongoing problem is that some neighborhood cat poops all over my property. Other than a minor nuisance, it’s a problem because doggo just looooooves cat turds. It has been the one thing she will not listen to me about... other than all the other things. When she finds poo, I’ll tell her to leave it or no or whatever, she will gobble it down as fast as she can and run like hell. If I tell her to leave *anything* else on this planet, she will. Well today, she found more steaming fresh poo. She sniffed and was preparing to lick. “Leave it, girl.” She left it AND walked over to me! This never happens!

Well back to work for me. Thanks for reading.

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