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Doggo votes for snow.

We got a little bit of snow today in Southern New Mexico. Ellie votes for snow, and she’ll even play fetch with snow balls.


Shelby isn’t as much of a fan. She’ll run around the yard once, do her business uncharacteristically quickly and then wait at the back door to go back into the land of warmth, and couches, and blankets. Soft places to lay are very important to her.

It wasn’t really sticking to the roads much, so I went for a drive up towards the mountains outside of town so the truck could play in the snow. Once I got about 1,000ft higher in elevation than the house there was a nice coating of snow on top of ice to play on. Snownuts happened at the turn around at the end of the road for the Soledad Canyon trail head. With a low of 18 forecast tonight, there should be a plenty of ice around town tomorrow morning. Most places in Las Cruces have already announced 2 hour delays for tomorrow, although I don’t go back to work until Tuesday anyway. I may have to go have a coffee and pastry at the best coffee shop in town as an excuse to play on the ice tomorrow morning.

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