Doggo went on an adventure today

She slipped out of her collar while she was out back on her lead this morning. After an hour of frantic searching and making calls we got a message from her chip monitor company that she was found safe and was at a vet two towns over. And I’ve now vowed I’ll never let her out alone on that lead ever again. On the way home after picking her up we stopped to get her a puppicino from Starbucks


She enjoyed it a lot. We were told she only made it about 2 blocks away from the house before someone called the police cause they were worried about her running into traffic. So a very nice police officer came to pick her up and took her to the vet. After the scanned her for a chip that’s when they called us. The vets office told us that had nobody claimed her the officer wanted to adopt her cause she was such a happy dog. I’m just glad to have her home

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