I’m on vacation at a lake house, and wanted to tell the tale of a stressful evening... one of my dogs killed a skunk and got sprayed square in the face for her trouble; the other tried to help and thankfully avoided the spray but found it terrifying. I knew there were skunks around but we hadn’t seen any and were all relaxing by the lake looking at the moon on the water, leashes in hand, when my older dog scented a skunk farther along the beach and took off so fast she pulled both leashes out of my hand. By the time I caught up to her the skunk was dead and she was rubbing her face in the gravel and foaming at the mouth, and the puppy who followed her was howling.

After several dunkings in the lake to clear her eyes and nose, a scrub with hydrogen peroxide and dish soap, and a shower and shampoo for both of us, my cabin smells only REALLY FUCKING BAD, not completely nauseating, and the dogs are somehow calm and going to sleep.

On the plus side, earlier today I had a really nice sail on the lake and got my kid a car, so it wasn’t all bad. Expect my “I bought a thing” post tomorrow, assuming I spend the night sleeping rather than vomiting.

Yesterday, I got stung a couple times by a wasp. Last year on the first morning at the same place, I got bitten by the neighbor’s dog badly enough to spend half my first day of vacation at the hospital and the next two months with about 3/4 of a left hand, in terms of functionality. Maybe I’ll just stay in fancy hotels in Europe for the rest of my life’s vacations.