Sitting in the garage tonight, I did a dumb thing.

I was playing around with my Tactrix cable and trying to get it to interface with some sketchy software called ETACS Decoder. I’ve been annoyed by the TMPS light and don’t really want to take it to a dealer to have the TPMS changed every single time I swap wheels (which is pretty often). The Lancer only holds one set of wheels at a time.

With the ignition on, it connected to my phone (which was upstairs) and was playing a podcast while I debugged.

So I was sitting in the car with the door open, going through all the debug stuff with Windows drivers - I never did get it (nor the ELM 327 USB) to connect properly - when suddenly everything went dead.


I totally lost track of time and forgot that I had the Braille lightweight battery in the car. Now the battery is on the charger and I feel like an idiot. I wasn’t reading or writing from the ECU when it went poof, but damn.