Our morning commute usually entails driving through an expensive residential neighborhood, with some fairly busy cross traffic at one particular intersection. (New West, for the locals.) The intersection in question is a 2 way stop, with a crosswalk spanning the lanes of travel without a stop sign. My commute lands me at the stop sign, usually having to wait for an opening to get across unless there happens to be a pedestrian, in which case traffic stops for them to cross. Seeing pedestrians at this intersection is not unusual, and I can’t recall ever seeing anyone not stop when a pedestrian is standing at the curb... Until today.

I sat at that stop sign for easily a solid minute, all the while an elderly east indian woman stood patiently at the curb, waiting for traffic to stop for her. She was un-missable in her traditional, long, flowing, multi colored outfit. They saw her. There is no way they didn’t see her, but vehicle after vehicle just continued on their way, pretending she didn’t exist.

Eventually there was a long enough break in traffic for me to cross, but I didn’t. I pulled our car into the middle of the intersection and stopped. I stopped, and I sat there. I sat there until she was safely across, because the approaching cars weren’t even slowing down as they approached.

Disappointing. Very disappointing.