Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results

This is, I am told. The definition of insanity. So let’s do the same thing again and see if it works this time.

My 1980 and 1981 Honda CX500s with bad engines with to a guy in Missouri who wrecked his brother’s CX500 and was looking for a clean bike to put his brother’s engine in. In exchange I got this.


1983 Honda Shadow VT750c. A 1-year oddity in the US. 750cc 45 degree v-twin with a split-crank system to soften vibrations. Other odd features:

Two spark plugs per cylinder

6 speed transmission (in 1983 on a cruiser? Unusual)

Slipper clutch

spring-loaded input shaft gear to reduce drivetrain slop

Shaft drive

Hydraulic lash adjusters in the rocker arms

Hydraulic timing chain tensioners

Two fuel tanks with an electric fuel pump

Redundant dual CDI units

A t-shaped battery

The Shadow 750 was Hondas second go at making a V-twin after the CX500 and of course they just couldn’t do it the same as everyone else. The 750 makes 68hp and 50ft-lb of torque and weighs in at 490lb wet. Quarter mile happens in 13.17 seconds and it tops out around 137mph.

This particular bike is given to me in rough-ish shape with all plastics intact, a dent-free tank, with a totally shot battery, leaky carb bowls, and the promise that it ran when parked. A new battery and carb kit was $70 and gets here this weekend. The plan is to get it running and then bob it somewhat.


Something like this but I intend on retaining a passenger seat.

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