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Don’t forget your sticker

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Per Dr Ken German (Vehicle Crime Consultant, Writer, Journalist) today on Linkedin : (speaking of the UK, not ‘Murica. Drop your pitchforks)


“The rise in demand of Land Rover Defenders particularly by overseas gangs has seen a huge increase in the amount reported stolen in just one year

The cost to the UK was around £1.6m in 2018, which rose to £2.1m last year, a 34% increase. Good quality early series models, and parts from old-series Defenders, are increasingly valuable on the Black Market.
A new generation of the Defender arrived on UK roads this year. The new model shares no components with the old Defender.
Paranoid owners have agreed in some areas of the UK to place stickers in their rear window that state ‘Police Stop Me’ urging police to stop the car and check that the owner is behind the wheel. Land Rovers not sporting the signs will also be stopped.”


Shocking !

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