When briefed about Takata’s latest attack, which won’t be their last, Trump said “al-Taqata bombs, made in Iraq, China, and North Korea are exploding for no reason and killing too many Americans” and even placed some of the blame on prospective refugees, stating that they’re “blowing us up before they even arrive on our shores. Shit, they even bombed their OWN FACTORY in Syria!

“Mohammed al-Taqada, the CEO, the Ayatolla, of al-Taqata, will fuckin PAY and we will get his ass and then steal all his oil” and then claims ISIS is recruiting their employees, “or maybe some of al-Taqata’s employees already work fore ISIS”.

But his main worry is Mexicans getting their hands on the airbags, in case they “try to blow up our wall that THEY are going to pay for.” Trump believes “al-Taqata”is an Iraqi company and a top supplier to ISIS.

Bernie Sanders chimed in, warning people of “the consequences when all the power and all the wealth is held by one company and one oligarch dynasty.” Takata is by far the largest airbag supplier, and the disaster of why Sergio Marchionne’s dream of mega-consolidation is such a nightmare.