Finished with the engine/cooling/charging, so like the Foo Fighters said, done, done, on to the next one. In this case, body work. Also like Dave Grohl, my E46 has nothing to hide.

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Driver side - no it’s not even close to finished.

Next phase of the E46 wagon project has begun. Won’t pass inspection with the cracked windshield, and while I am in there I may as well get rid of the rust. Hit it with the stripper wheel on my grinder and was pleased with what I saw in the picture above. The metal is solid, just surface rust.

This is the worst spot. Looks like there is a hole in the pic, but there isn’t.Much sanding etc left to do.


The worst spot is on the passenger side where it’s really bubbled up, but again, I’m happy that there are no holes, but the real question is, what does it look like under that windshield? That question is now answered.

Looks ugly, but the metal is solid. It’s all just on the surface. The other side is better still.


Here’s what I’m dealing with. I do have to pull the fenders to get at the rust down there that is hidden from above, but the metal under the windshield itself is solid. That’s all just surface rust. Talking to the glass guy I really don’t need to worry about the finish on the stuff under the windshield itself, just get rid of all the rust and seal it with paint and the stuff he puts on to adhere the glass will fill in the pits on the part under the glass. The stuff that is visible I will fill in the pits etc and put more effort into making look nice, but it’s nice that it isn’t a concern under the glass for seal purposes.


So that’s where I’m at. Total invested after I get the new glass in will be right around $1300 total into this car. I’m still working on the smoke smell inside, and I’ll be rewrapping those A pillar pieces you can see in teh pics, as well as the B pillar trim that is coming apart in the same way. I”m planning on having my lift put in early next month, and I’ll deal with the shift bushings then, since a lot of the work is under the car and that’ll be a lot easier with it on a lift.

Again, as the song says,

Nothing satisfies but I’m getting close
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope


BTW, one of the greatest bands ever.