Donkervoort D8 GTO(welding question)

I know it's not new. But it's cool. And something about the article I just found on it made me scratch my head...

376hp. 1533lbs. 0-60 in negative seconds.

No, not that. This:

Donkervoort calls the GTO’s core a hybrid chassis. Designed by Mr Donkervoort and former Maserati chief chassis engineer Paul Fickers, it is an intricate scaffold of laser-cut and copper-welded steel tubing, abetted by stressed carbon fibre composite panels and aluminium double-wishbones at all four wheels.


Wait...what? "copper-welded steel tubing"

I'm interested in this. You can weld or braze copper to steel a few different ways. But I wonder why they'd weld steel to steel with copper? I do it in my sculptures for contrast(not copper, but silicon bronze). I'm even doing it on a bike I'm building just for the heck of it. I've got a couple thoughts in my head, but none really make a ton of sense. And the pics they showed here rule a few processes out:…

Hard to see from the pics in that link, but it looks like they are mig welding the chassis with silicon bronze(tig pics look like they are welding an aluminum tank). They might be tigging the chassis too, might be doing something else with that wire machine. Either way the welds look "gold;" I wonder why they're going away from traditional tig for this chassis, a chassis that is gonna see a lot of track days? I know a bit about metallurgy, but I'm not an engineer. Any ideas???


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