What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

If you’re like me and you disagree with the new proposed EPA guidelines that would make it illegal to modify a production car for off-road, competition purposes you can write your Senatorand House Reps to let your voice be heard you can find your Senators here, and your State house reps here.

I have written a form letter that I feel accurate conveys my thoughts, feel free to use it: (edit: please click on the link and paste it into the message you send your senator, kinja is being kinja)

Subject: Please Protect America’s Motorsports Heritage and Automotive Enthusiasts

(Your Senator/Rep Here),

It has recently come to my attention that the EPA wishes to enclose language that would ban the conversion of production vehicles into off-road only competition or racing vehicles. The ban is included in a single paragraph of the EPA’s 629-page proposal to set 2021-2027 medium- and heavy-vehicle greenhouse gas targets. The full text of the proposal can be found here : www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2015-07-13/pdf/2015-15500.pdf.

The specific language that concerns me is “Certified motor vehicles and motor vehicle engines and their emission control devices must remain in their certified configuration even if they are used solely for competition or if they become non-road vehicles or engines; anyone modifying a certified motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine for any reason is subject to the tampering and defeat device prohibitions of paragraph (a)(3) of this section and 42 U.S.C.”

There are thousands of racing and motorsports enthusiasts both in (Your State Here) and across the country that would be unable to modify their cars or compete in sanctioned events should this provision to become law. There are hundreds of small businesses that make money and provide well paying jobs to fabricators and mechanics modifying and tuning production vehicles for off road use that would be forced to close their doors due to this legislation. Hot-rodding, modifying your vehicle to your individual tastes and racing have a storied history in this country.

Please use your influence to help the EPA understand that the handful of off-road, track only vehicles that this legislation specifically targets contributes negligibly to the Greenhouse Gas emissions of this country, and protect the Motorsports Heritage of this nation by removing this language from the proposed targets, or offering an exemption for track-only off road vehicles.


(Your name here)


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