I have a friend who lost his place due to fire. Being nice, I let him stay with me til he got his insurance money to move into his own place again.

My neighbor behind me. I live on a corner, house is on one street, garage faces another. My neighbors house faces the same street my garage does. Anyway, hes one of those eco friendly people that does some composting and reuses what he can to throw out less trash.

He only makes like a bag a month if that. I told him throw it in my can instead of paying for the service and not using it.

My friend took the trash out and noticed my neighbors bag. I use white bags, neighbor I guess doesnt. He brings it up, i tell him and proceed to get a lecture about it. How the neighbor should pay and so on.

I told my friend, its not your bill, your house or your say at all. Which it isnt. Its my trash can and I can do whatever I want with it.

I eventually tell my friend, if your going to tell me how to run my house and its bills, you’ll need to find a new place til insurance pays out. He has ABSOLUTELY ZERO say in my bills. He offered to pay half of my bills while he was here and I said I didnt need it.


Yet, I get lectured on it. Really? I tried to be nice, give him a roof while he got back up on his feet. Then you tell me how to run my ship? Fuck you.

I told him to drop it or find a hotel. Cuz at this point, im tired of it. Him and his lectures. I guess being nice to someone who lost it all is over rated.

He used to be a nice guy. Fun to be around and drink with. Now its fatherly life advice on everything, my house, my business and my life. Mind you, none of which he has any to do with. Hes not on any of my shit.


I made it 30 years pretty well, dont need advice from anyone except the tax man during tax time.

Just saying, if someone offers you some help, dont try to tell them what to do when your getting their help.

He brings it up tonight, he will be sleeping in a hotel before the night ends. Period.


Sorry about my rant. My other friends that know him agree. That he just should, as I learned from the military, shut up and color.

Heres some exhauat ideas from Japan for your time.


Bozo all the things, and Miata is always the answer.


Trucks too.
I guess a church is missing its organ
If Batman was a Japanese guy, heres his ride.


Cant get in car, exhaust in the way

And the best for last.

Stay weird Japan

A Phallic shaped exhaust on a bike, mid ejaculation with a black cat