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I get a lot of phone calls and a common topic is the third party warranty that did no good for the buyer. But most people don’t really think about this until it is way too late to do anything.


Used car sellers will often offer extended service contracts or warranties to car buyers that come from someone other than the car’s manufacturer. Some of the warrantors you may have heard of - GM, FORD etc - and some you may not have. Bob’s Warranty Shack of Lubbock.

The first sign of trouble is when someone tells me they have a warranty but they don’t know what it covers and don’t know who the provider is. People often pay for these warranties without even getting anything to prove they have a warranty (other than a receipt showing it was paid for).


So, you need to know which ones of these are worth buying and what you need to ask before you decide to buy one. It’ll save you that embarassing phone call (with me) that will come somewhere down the road. And this week’s podcast was inspired by two people who contacted me this week on different but semi-related matters.

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The top pic is what happens when the smallest newspaper in the world takes your picture and runs it on page 13.


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