Can we just...not?

These are the ones that are looked to as “brand influencers” in the younger parts of the automotive community. But all we’re getting are janky builds and trashed cars.

I made a post a few days ago on FB about the janky 50mm spacers on TJ Hunt’s build. It just happened to come across my feed that day and couldn’t believe the things going on with his “build.”

Well, four days later and he posts that he’d made a huge mistake. Big, heavy adapters that didn’t have the right hub bore or hubcentric rings to fit the Ambit wheels he was running. It had the death wobble no matter what he did.

Over and OVER and OVER again, I see posts about not buying cheap shit. After the fact.

TJ, Matt Farah, David Patterson (That Dude in Blue), the list just goes on.

You reply to their videos saying not to do it, you get brigaded by the nutswingers because you’re talking down to their youtube hero. FFS.