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Don't drive your car on a video game.

This is a Kia Stinger. It’s a good car. Is it better than an M4 GTS? no.

I have one and I broke the rule of sim racing: don’t race cars you own.

Because it’s not very realistic is it? Reviewers complained about the stinger being understeery, it’s oversteery here and I feel it certainly neutral. Now I’m looking at my Stinger and realizing it can’t do those things. I also realized that that very dark blue looks absolutely gorgeous and I want to wrap the Stinger in it ASAP.


The Stinger also sounds much better on Forza than in real life, and much louder at every RPM. Also, the stinger I’m racing has Carbon Ceramic brakes and 482HP... not the standard steel brakes or 365HP. That’s why on that picture at least I’m ahead of a 707HP charger on Sebring. Do you want to guess how much horsepower was behind us?


Yeah... again, not the most realistic affair.

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