Don't forget about the bikes! My two trail machines.

So far I have shared with Oppo my car and my motorcycle. Today I want to kick it old-school and show off my favourite method of transportation - my mountain bikes.

In honour of Red Bull Rampage, which starts RIGHT NOW, here are my two bikes and the story behind them.


Pictured above is my new trail bike, a ‘15 Trek Fuel EX 8 29. An incredible machine which is actually somewhat of an entry-level bike into the world of full suspension (there are cheaper full-sussers but when you’re going to be spending the money you might as well spend a little* more to get better quality parts). 29” wheels, hydraulic brakes, and adjustable front and rear air shocks which can be stiffened to increase efficiency on uphill climbs and on the road. Also included are huge disc rotors but thanks to the aluminum-alloy frames she weighs not much more than my older bike. I changed the pedals because the stock ones were garbage and colour matched them to the red accents on the bike. Looks pretty nice, if I say so myself :)

Now here’s my old bike. It’s a ‘07 Specialized Rock Hopper Disc. This was my first non-department store mountain bike, and - wow - what a difference this was! I rode this bike hard over all sorts of terrain, and in the snow, for the past 8 years and she’s no worse than when I first bought her. Now a lot has happened in the world of mountain bikes since 2007. Compared to my new one this thing is sort of an antique... so I decided to do some upgrades. I purchased a new front fork to replace my old coil-based one. The new fork also is larger and can accommodate a 29” wheel. This abomination (29 in the front, 26 in the back) is called a 69er. At one point Trek actually sold a factory-built 69er and they have developed a cult following.


My old front fork. I’m going to bring it to Antique Roadshow.

Biking is such a passion of mine. I think during the summer I clocked as many miles on my bikes as I did on my car and motorcycle. Got any questions about mountain bikes? Ask away! I’m no pro but I got caught up with the scene over the summer so might be able to answer something. Here are some more pics.


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