Okay, okay, maybe not the best but I've never heard of it until now and I love it.

We all love the 500K, the Gullwing, the 190E Cosworth etc, but this one is special. Because there's only one.

I was reading the Oppo review of Harrycarry250's 300TD and started researching M-B wagons (besides the Lord of All Cars, the G-Wagon).

After scrolling through a few Image Searches, I came across perfection. The 1956 300C Wagon by Binz. After doing some research, I found out it is a one-off built by German coachbuilder Binz & Co at the request of a woman who needed a wagon, which M-B didn't build at the time. They built a few other wagons on other platforms, but this seems to be the only 300C (W186 IV) wagon. It sold in 2010 at Amelia Island for $242k.


I actually discovered the car while looking for lowered M-B wagons, which generally look great (I typically hate lowered cars, but a wagon on airbags I like). Somebody had done some Photoshopping to slam the 300C Wagon.

I found a few pages with good details about the car. It has an interesting story. Caroline Folke was a Jalop before her time and might be partially responsible for Mercedes eventually producing their own wagons.