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Don't forget to lube your balls (bearings) Oppo

Project Schwindler update.

Thank god, at least I’ll have something to show the bike shop when I order the new ones.

I noticed a creaking noise coming from the crank whenever I pedaled. So I opened it up and lo and behold! I can’t imagine these bearings not being cheap, so the Schwindler will stay with me to see another day.

Now I have a question that the answer will probably be NO to. Obviously I have to replace the bearings. I don’t have any general purpose grease, but I do have brake grease, the blue synthetic stuff to be exact. Would that be an acceptable substitute? I know grease it cheap, put I don’t wanna pay for $5 worth of grease I’ll only use a little of and I’ll forget about or loose the next time, if I can avoid it.

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