Let’s start off with this: I believe cars are meant for personal expressions in whichever way a person may choose to do so. The way I go about this is by trying things on my car that I’ve never done before.. To date that includes numerous repairs, seeing if Walmart glow in the dark paint will work on a car(technically yes but it isn’t noticeable except for the greenish white color), some duplicator metalspeck paint(worked surprisingly well, I would recommend it), bright green vinyl wrap(this and the other stuff is on the taurus side molding), installing a new deckled(with SHO wing), bright green calipers on the front of my car and now this. The beautiful 1998 Ford Taurus SE is receiving matte Sublime Green go faster stripes. I want people to have the same response to my car as they do me, look say what the hell shake their head and walk away.


No matter how horrible they look to you guys they look at least 10x worse in person. I will be leaving them on for at least a week. Class up the last day of Senior PGA action in town.