When it comes to knowledge of American history, it appears that the Green Mountain State knows best. A study by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation has found that 53% of Vermonters who took a US citizenship exam passed the test, but only if you count D as a passing grade. Which is another way of saying that 47% failed the test. Vermont was the only state in which more than half of its residents passed.

Here are the top five, with the percentage of residents who passed.

  • Vermont โ€“ 53%
  • Wyoming โ€“ 49%
  • South Dakota โ€“ 48%
  • Montana โ€“ 47%
  • Virginia โ€“ 46%

And here are bottom five, with the percentage of residents who passed.

  • Mississippi โ€“ 31%
  • Alabama โ€“ 31%
  • Arkansas โ€“ 30%
  • Kentucky โ€“ 29%
  • Louisiana โ€“ 27%

You can take the test for yourself here. I missed two rather obscure questions (about the Federalist Papers and the number of Constitutional amendments) and got an 89.5. Iโ€™ll call that a 90. My home state of Texas came in at number 40, with only 37% of its residents passing the test. How did your state do? How did you do?


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Woodrow Wilson Foundation Finds Only One State Can Pass U.S. Citizenship Exam