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don't leave comments at Rolling Stone

Look at this nonsense! This is from the thing you click through to read some article:

(e) Editorial Use. In addition, we may use information you provide us through emails, blogs, forums, in response to polls, or through any other user generated submission for editorial purposes, and may use your name and any stories you provide us in articles published in our Publications. If you provide us with personal anecdotes, they may be attributed to you. PMC can edit, rewrite, use, and reuse the content, including your name, likeness, photograph, and biographical information you provide, with or without attribution, including publication in the Publications, and in trade media, and advertising. You hereby consent to this.

So in comments for an article on Rolling Stone, you might innocently post, for example:


and they are legally permitted, for whatever whim possesses them and with predetermined impunity, to edit it to read

Kill the *******s! Lynch ‘em all! ARRRGH!

sincerely yours, Nibby

and then the Internet Dectectives get to work, and the next thing you know “Nibby” has been “outed” as Howard P. Frankson of Lawrenceville, Ohio, wholesome and fun-loving family man, and there are shouting picketers outside the roofing company where he works, and HPF is desperately crying “I swear to Gaod I never wrote that shit I musta got hacked!” and the protesters are all “Yeah, sure, asshole.”

Don’t let it happen to you!

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