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Don't Miss Out On This Important Update!

Hey everyone, guess what? Ford has a separate Twitter account for all of their different models! Did everyone know that?

If you didn’t, don’t worry. They’re letting us know now by telling us that they are shutting them all down. Accounts like @FordFocus, @FordFusion, @FordEscape, etc...


Here is an example of one of the messages they are sharing.

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Why am I sharing this change in the management of Ford’s Social Media?

Because they are all sponsored Tweets. Ford paid Twitter to have these put in front of people.

I understand advertising a going out of business sale, where you hope customers stop by and clean out unwanted inventory before you shut the doors, but I don’t understand this. What are they expecting complete strangers to do with these accounts during their final days?

The only people that would be interested in the change of address are the people that already follow these accounts. Letting them know the account is going down would be as simple and just posting the above message, and have it be your last. If anyone wakes up next month and wonders why they haven’t heard anything from @FordDriveGreen in a while, the reason would be as easy as a page visit.


This would be like if I decided to quit my job, got up from my desk here at work, went across the street to the gas station I’ve never been to before and gave them my 2 week notice.

Does Ford’s social media team have a budget they are trying to blow through before the end of the year? Why do this?


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