Unless the ice is deemed thick enough (it wasn’t) and you spread out the weight (they didn’t).

I’ve been ice fishing. I’ve driven across frozen lakes (quickest way to get to the bar on the opposite side) in cars and snowmobiles (120mph+ whee!). I’ve gone to ice racing events. I’ve PARKED MY CAR ON ICE.

But that’s when its been measured and cleared by local authorities as safe to drive on. 14+ inches is a good measurement. 6-8 is what they’re saying Lake Geneva’s shore was, as it has been quite warm this past week.



A friend of mine got video of a brand new Sierra trying to be driven away by its owner (its vertical video and goes sideways, so I won’t scare you with it), to no avail. Only 5 cars were able to be driven off. The other 10 were too water damaged.