I have picked up numerous vacuum cleaners over the years for nothing or next to nothing, and without fail I’ve gotten them all to work. My favorite for small jobs is a simple 18V Dustbuster that I got cheap at Target because the one that was on sale was out of stock so they gave me a more expensive model:

The battery on mine wasn’t holding a charge, but I managed to find two of them over at the Goodwill Outlet allowing me to reuse the same charger. Both of them were completely packed with dirt and debris, and both worked fine once cleaned out.

I received one vacuum years ago from my younger sister, a very smart woman. My parents picked it up for her when she moved away to college, and she gave it to me the next year when she moved into a sorority house. She knows I like to fix broken things, so she hoped I could get it working again. The problem? Full bag - that was all. C’mon - it was a reusable bag and could be emptied in milliseconds.

I just don’t get it. Where do people think the dust and debris actually goes? How tough is it to flip that little latch and empty the unit? On the Dustbuster the debris container is clear, so how can you not see that it’s full of crap? Do they think it gets incinerated or something, or does it act like a pump, moving the debris elsewhere. It’s not rocket science, people...