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Don't read this post unless you swear not to tell my parents!

Remember that '91 Celica Convertible I was asking y'alls (sp?) advice about over the weekend?

Thanks to plenty of great advice from you, my Jalop family, it's in my driveway. I appreciate the reassurances that Toyotas from this era ended up being pretty dependable vehicles.


So... Under no circumstances can we let my parents know that I ended up getting it - even though I'm 42, live in a different country, and can do pretty much whatever the hell I want as long as I can afford it. When I told them I was looking at it, they were very much against it for a variety of reasons including, "it's too old", "you don't need a second car", and similar nays. So the last they knew was that on Saturday I was having second thoughts about it after having seen it in person because of its kinda rough body/paint shape.

But then I consulted my fellow Jalops and decided what the hell.

It hasn't been mentioned to them since, and we need to keep it that way. At least for a little while. Deal?

Anyway, late yesterday afternoon as I was bringing it home, I decided to put it through an test to see how it was going to perform. I figured, if it was going to crap out on me, now was the time to find out, and not on my way to work today. There's a nice little windy road that brings you from sea-level to about 800 feet above that's a few miles of switchbacks in about 10 minutes or so. Then there's the shortcut, about a half a mile long, straight up the side of the mountain - not for the faint of hp.


Purred right up the side of the mountain, not even raising the temp.

Later, I picked up a friend and went for a little cruise through Rincon last night with the top down. Sixteen years, an XJ, and a ZJ later, and I'm back in the same car I had before I moved here - and it all came back to me. WOW!


Today it rained all afternoon, so no pics for the moment, and no topless joyride on the way home from work. But also no issues during the round trip either. So that's a plus.

This was such a good move... Thanks to you all for being a part of it!

Just please don't tell my parents.

However, if they happen to ask, tell them I'd like an original ASC Top Cover Boot for my birthday in November but you have no idea why. ;)


Thanks Jalops!

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