I was walking home from the train tonight :( when I happened upon this slightly unnerving scene around the corner from my apartment.

Look closely behind the Town and Country and around the corner you’ll see an early 2000s Taurus speared into the other side of the building. Just out of view to the left and responsible for the glowing haze and mood lighting is a police cruiser, where the two drivers (both uninjured, so don't worry, I'm not nightcrawling this shit) were busy arguing with each other about who was at fault. It was an old woman and an early twenties kid - she was on the offense and repeatedly referenced nearby security cameras as a potential source of vindication so I’m going to assume it was the kids fault. His defense consisted of a lot of stammering and shuffling. The cop was sitting in the passengers seat, looking at the dashboard, entirely uninterested.

So, the Taurus is going east and the van is going north, and wouldn’t you know, physics, the Taurus ended up going north and the van ended up going east! Kinetic energy is a bitch. The scary part is they managed to take out a metal light pole in the process, a pole I have personally leaned on while waiting for the light to change. Anyone standing on that corner would probably have died. Yikes.