Don't run the Gambler 500 Southeast

I created it last year, but I’m done with it now. First, there’s the whole thing where the new organizers told me to just go home because I “wouldn’t make it” through the last trail in my Explorer. (You know, because SUVs are much worse off road than the stock Honda Civic and Cutlass Ciera that were going)

Well, if there was any doubt about how they felt about me, the professional photographer who came along just posted his pictures of everyone going through the hardest part. Everyone except for me, anyway. Just... right from the Jeep in front to the S-10 behind, not even one shot in between.


It would be one thing if I was causing drama or something, but I literally just kept to myself and occasionally talked to whomever approached me. This is just bullshit. It feels like high school all over again.

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