Don't rush to compare Takahiro Hachigo with Akio Toyoda

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Sure he seems to be taking a few ideas from Akio’s playbook, with the hands on approach and giving car guys more decision power and promising to make fun cars again. But he isn’t as charismatic as Akio is, and the fact that his name isn’t Honda, make his words within the company weigh a little less. He is also a more conventional executive, ideas like making English the official language at Honda in the near future, can barely move the needle when it comes to changing how the company makes its cars, for the better. Lastly, there’s the size factor. Honda sells a lot less cars than Toyota, it uses a smaller scale when doing things. It would never justify something like an LMP1 team, it can’t win in most racing it engages in. And Acura, Acura has been sent in the bushes by Lexus on many levels, I’m not even gonna list them.


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