*I approach my car when I see someone snooping around it*

Me: Hi there

Person: Oh, sorry, I just really like your car

Me: No worries, have a look at it!

Person: We actually have a car club, we go out on the highway, this one here can pull, doesn’t it?

Me: I don’t pull much, it’s a very heavy car, but that seems like fun.

Person: Oh,okay.. I normally bring my GT500, but I brought my Suburban over today, lots of traffic.


Me: huh, so just cruising on the highway?

Person: Nah, this one time I chased someone...


Person: Down a B road, on an S3, I beat em

Me: Oh, okay!

Person: We ran em down the road!

Me: What?

Person: The GT500 and a Focus RS, it was really fun!

Me: Oh. Wait, what’s up with the exhaust on your suburban?

Person: Allow me to explain...

*Spends thirty minutes talking about solid rear axles, v8s and the mods on his chevy*


Me: so... you guys do meets?

Person: Yes. whyda ask?

*Don´t say mustang jokes, don´t say mustang jokes, don´t say mustang jokes*

Me: like, um, cars and coffee?

Person: Oh, no.. we don’t do those.

Me: Oh. *thinks:crap*

Person: So, um, 501nm of torque? Quite impressive... for a Kia.

This conversation was dramatized to fit a smaller template. the guy was actually pretty cool.