That is all.


On the FP, I normally try to keep it brief due to sheer volume of comments, but apparently my casual suggestion that unions look at what everyone else is doing in not a popular one, based on most of the replies.

What I’m really proposing is that unions can’t permanently have BOTH great wages AND excellent healthcare at the same time, it’s not sustainable. It’s not as if every private sector, non-union company is just evil and trying to screw us all. Some, yes. But with UE at historic lows and turnover high, it’s easy to change jobs. The problem is they all suck — you’ll pay one way or another.


Complaining about this really takes the pressure off the real problem — the healthcare system — and puts it on a bogey man...all employers. Who are all apparently colluding against us non-union folks to just screw us over completely. It has nothing to do with the actual cost of healthcare, nor the false bipartisan notion of “shopping around for the best care” that has failed us all for many years now.

Nope, I really need to unionize to solve all of this.


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