Don't trust your eyes!

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I had an interesting moment tonight when I checked out my previous employer’s Glassdoor. I’ve never written them a bad review, though I certainly could have. They seem to have found a way to get Glassdoor to remove negative reviews. Their rating jumped from a 3 to a 4 and all the recent negative reviews (which were pretty much entirely true) are gone.


If I had to guess, they paid off or threatened the people who wrote the bad reviews or found a way to / hired someone to go after Glassdoor. I find the entire thing fascinating.

The way things ended for me there were in the no-stars category. I met all my numbers, got a promotion letter, and was told a few months later that I would need to be on my way. The way that they had structured my pay leads me to MANY questions that I should probably ask a professional about since my promotion never paid out. Though judging by Glassdoor - they are full armed, ready for battle, and even if they did screw up there would be a serious cost to my time and sanity. Though re-writing the past like they have does really have me wanting to find out.


Getting reviews pulled is the epitome of shady.

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