I gotta tell you Oppo, this has been an amazing ride - and it still is. As you’ve probably all seen, I now have the amazing opportunity to write for Jalopnik.


Yes, Patrick George finally gave in to my demands, which confirms he’s probably mad or quite possibly drunk.

I kind of owe it all to you guys though. I mean, you’ve been reading, commenting, and starring my work since the beginning. And many of you have actually supported me when I literally begged for the position. That’s why I’m not leaving you (unless you want me to).

Also, one thing I learned from writing on Jalopnik, is that the commenters can be rather brutal. But that’s the internet for you. Whereas here, I’m protected by the Opposite Lock veil of intelligence, respect, and fun.

Here’s a little motivation: if your goal is to one day write for the most visited automotive website on the planet, I can assure you that if you continue publishing quality content on here, you will be noticed.

Because there is some genuinely witty stuff on these pages.


I also appreciate the fact that I can allow myself to have a bit more creative fun on here.

So, expect to continue seeing exclusive Clavey’s Corner content on Oppo, complete with my habitual click-bate links, such as the review of the 2017 Acura MDX I released today.


What goes on Jalopnik is exclusive to them. What’s on here is exclusive to Oppo. Deal?

For those wondering, I will be releasing an Exiting Cars Like a BAMF part 2 in 2017, as well as more rants on how I’m a point short of losing my licence, and why Audi still doesn’t want to lend me press cars.


On that note, happy holidays everyone. Get wasted, eat like kings, love hard, and drive safe. And thank you all for everything, you guys rock!

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Contributing Writer, Canada at Jalopnik. williamclavey@gmail.com

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