Sold your original Star Wars collection? Just found some original stock certificates from Apple Computer in your boxes of unworn Air Jordans? Well, don’t worry. You can take all of that money and convert it into a brnd new freshly built Cizeta V-16t.

They still make it. All you need is $650,000 ($850,000 for the convertible) and you can roam Malibu winding your way through all of the mansions you purchased with your cashed out collection of vintage Kiss toys and rookie early 80’s baseball cards with sixteen cylinders based on two flat plane crank Maserati Bora V-8’s, but not made from them. (Well, that’s interesting here as it’s been described as sourced parts of two V-8’s, possibly from either Lambo Uracco/Maserati Bora/Ferrari V-8’s and their parts stuffed into a custom block with gears in the middle for the transmission output. Either way it’s 6 liters.)

Personally, if they are still making this to order when called, I would like to see a style refresh and perhaps a couple of turbos or four (eight? yeah eight.) to go with those headlights. Of course, this is assuming I have anything left after reliving the end of the 80’s doing coke off of a supermodel’s butt.